Drying the belly for girls

Drying the belly for girls

Fat accumulations in the abdomen are one of the most hated and tormenting problems that can be observed in many girls. As a result, dreams of ideal proportions make women go to the most insane acts that only exacerbate the problem.

For girls, the problem of extra pounds in the abdomen is more than relevant. Folds, stretch marks, cellulite instead of a tight, flat and elastic stomach – this is not attractive, so below we will consider what should be the drying of the abdomen on the relief with the result in the form of long-awaited cubes of the press.

Drying the body is a new schedule, a diet and not for a day or a week, but for a month or more, so you need to be ready to adjust life to the new rules. A very important role in drying the stomach is given to physical narrowly focused exercises. Performing them, you need to observe the following nuances:

  • Strength exercises should be performed at the highest possible rate;
  • Breaks between approaches should not exceed 10 seconds;
  • the total training time should not be less than 45 minutes;
  • in the diet will need to reduce the number of carbohydrates and fats, increasing the number of proteins of animal and vegetable origin.

Do not skip training and do not allow yourself to move away from the menu and diet. If the abdomen is dried for the first time, then it is wiser for girls to train under the supervision of a coach.


drying the belly


We lose weight at the waist

Some girls think that drying the stomach is possible only in conjunction with the conduct of drying the whole body. In fact, you can focus exclusively on the abdomen, developing a training program with exercises aimed exclusively at this area of ​​the body. Proper training, which will result in increased blood circulation in the abdomen, will help to accelerate the burning of fat in problem areas, pump up the muscles of the press.

Naturally, to achieve the appearance of a pumped press instead of folds of fat will be obtained only if the carbohydrate-protein menu is observed, when the body that lacks a source of energy can use fat deposits. About what should be the food on drying the stomach with an example of diet can be read below.

Effective training of the abdomen on drying

Drying the abdomen is necessarily intensive training, but not exhausting, as it must be taken into account that the body will find it difficult to work at the limit with a deficit of energy products. The following set of exercises can be considered effective for working on the abdomen:

  1. twisting (you can use both an inclined sports bench and a vertical block);
  2. lifts of feet;
  3. slopes with dumbbells or neck;
  4. interval running, training on a stationary bike.




The beginning of training should be cardio-operations, the role of which is obvious – they will help the muscles prepare for the loads. The following should be followed by weight training with weights, after which you can again go to cardio. This is the essence of training on drying – in a circular system.

The average duration of training is from 45 minutes to an hour. This time will be enough to work out the muscles of the abdomen. It is very important to do the exercises as high as possible, observing the technique of implementation.

Of course, the most effective drying of the abdomen will be if you exercise in the gym. But at home you can achieve good results if you follow the instructions for drying. Dumbbells can easily be replaced with bottles of sand, and an inclined power bench with an ordinary gymnastic rug. In addition, girls, tuned to training the abdomen, you can at home perform classical exercises with lifting the torso with the legs fixed.


drying the body


Remember the incline and twisting standing – these exercises will accelerate blood circulation in the abdominal region, due to which the drying of the stomach will go even more actively. The main thing – exercise actively and watch the diet!

Variations of exercises on drying for the abdomen

As an example, we give two options for training, on the basis of which drying of the abdomen can be built.

Option number 1. 15 minutes to practice interval running (100 meters run jogging, 100 meters with maximum acceleration, 100 meters just by walking).
Another 15 minutes, give a set of exercises to work on the press, which were mentioned above.
The essence of training is reduced to doing exercises on a circular system. That is, interval running is replaced by exercises for the press and so several times until the moment when there are no more forces left. To the exercises for the press listed above, you can also add a traditional “bike” for girls, the advantage of which is the simplicity of performing and the opportunity to practice at home. During the training it is very important to control the pulse – it should be at a fat burning level, but only if you do not have problems with the cardiovascular system.

Option number 2. This version of training suits girls who are not yet ready for an accelerated rhythm and do not consider themselves hardy. In terms of effectiveness, this type of training is not inferior to the previous one, but it is more sparing about the load on the cardiovascular system.

How to practice? Walk on the spot for 10 minutes, then another 10 minutes, twist the hoop around the waist. Within 5 minutes, work on the muscles of the press, performing the exercises to choose from the above, after which another 10 minutes jump on the rope. Continue the exercise by doing exercises to work out the press (for the same 5 minutes) and then return to the rope (jumps this time should be with overlap). Allowed a short pause between exercises – no more than minutes. Just like in the first case, you need to monitor the pulse.


drying the abdomen


As a cardio load, you can consider regular running, jumping rope, walking, roller-skating or cycling, swimming, as well as skis, skates, step aerobics. With the proper organization of training and nutrition, drying the stomach will bring results in a few weeks.

Nutrition on drying stomach

We return to the food and menu for drying the press. What can you eat and what should I refuse?
It is important to understand that abdominal drying is the minimum amount of carbohydrates, fats and maximum protein-containing products. Dishes in the menu can not be fried, seasoned with spicy and fatty sauces and, of course, you absolutely will have to give up fast food and all kinds of sweets. The main diet in the menu on drying for girls should be:

  • whole grains of cereal and bread;
  • egg whites;
  • low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt;
  • apples and grapefruits;
  • boiled or steamed lean meat;
  • seafood and white fish;
  • vegetables (not tuber);
  • nuts and seeds;
  • dried fruits.

In addition, the menu can include protein supplements and vitamin-mineral complexes, due to which it will be possible to make the most balanced.

Drying without breakdowns for 5 weeks gives an excellent result. Controlling the food after drying is a long and lasting effect.

Keep yourself in shape, but before resorting to this method of weight loss, read the contraindications: this pregnancy, breastfeeding, diabetes, kidney disease, gastrointestinal tract and liver.