How pump hands at home?

How pump hands at home

Embossed biceps and triceps – this is the goal to which every athlete aspires to stand out from the crowd, to look sporty and fit. The main thing is to have desire and aspiration, but you can study at home. There are many effective exercises for building muscle mass of the biceps and triceps, the performance of which does not require a visit to the gym.

What muscles are trained on the hands?

Every man wants to have strong hands. And for this it is not necessary to go to the gym. If desired, even at home, you can pump up your arm muscles without spending money on subscriptions. However, for the purchase of shells still have to be spent. If you already have dumbbells and a barbell at home, it’s still easier. With their help, you can pump muscles the fastest.

So, there are quite a lot of muscles on the hands of a person, but most of them are trained by some of them:

  • biceps (responsible for the bending of the hands);
  • triceps (the main task – the extension of the upper limbs);
  • forearm (needed for the movement of the forearms and the retention of the fingers of objects).

What is needed for home lessons?

Ideally – sports shop, bars and crossbar, several dumbbells and a bar. True, there is not much to buy in this state. These shells can be replaced with improvised means, for example, plastic bottles with sand or water.

Working with such equipment is not so convenient, so if there is a great desire, it is better to buy a little “iron” for yourself at home. Until that time, basically you have to do exercises with your own weight.

You can train your hands twice a week. One of them – swing biceps and triceps, the second – we load deltas (shoulders) and forearms. So, let’s start by examining the most effective exercises for these muscle groups, which you can do at home.

Make the shoulders wider

We know that deltas consist of three beams – front, side and back. The strongest of them is the front one, it is involved in many hand movements. For example, with the popular bench press lying down , the front beam of deltas is pretty much involved in the work. He is involved in those moments when we need to raise something up above our heads.


pump hands


The lateral and posterior deltas are less developed. And the training of the first can visually make the shoulders wider, while not giving them real strength or power. They swing mainly due to traction or fly movements.

It is best to train shoulders with low weight scales, as doing exercises with maximum weights is very dangerous, considering the structure of the shoulder joint, and it is easy to injure. Therefore, when training deltas do not need to chase the weights, but it’s worth trying to feel the working muscles as best as possible.

Army Press

In the classical version it is carried out with a barbell and works well for the front and side deltas (to a lesser extent). To perform, you need to take the neck of the grip slightly wider than the shoulders, bend the back and put it on the pectoral muscles. Then, on exhalation, squeeze the bar up, and lower it with inhalation. The back should be bent, you can wear an athletic belt for insurance.

If the barbell or dumbbells are not available, you can replace them with plastic bottles of water or sand, for example, a volume of 5 liters. Handles for them must be strong, so that the bottles do not fall to the floor. As a substitute, you can use other improvised tools, depending on what you have at home.

This is the basic exercise on the shoulders, wrong setting of the back can threaten with problems with the spine and lower back, so always follow the technique of execution. It is enough to do slowly 4-5 hikes for 10-15 repetitions.

Swing your arms in both directions

Depending on the technique, side and rear deltas are involved in varying degrees. Maches (or dilutions) are made with little weight. To begin with, it will be enough for 5-8 kg for each hand. Beginners can also start with two liter bottles of water (if they can be properly wrapped around).

The technique is rather complicated and very few people without the help of an instructor will be able to perform the exercise correctly the first time. You need to stand upright, put your feet on the width of your shoulders, slightly bending them in your lap. In both hands we hold dumbbells (or their substitutes). On exhalation we raise hands on each side (as if the bird wings its wings). Elbows should always go above the brushes, which should be brought to the level of the chin or slightly higher.

We propose to perform this exercise with the following drop-down (without rest):

  • 10-12 times with dumbbells weighing 8 kg;
  • 10-12 times with dumbbells 5 kg;
  • the maximum number of times with dumbbells 2 kg.

Try to do so 3-4 approaches – your shoulders will burn unbearably, but it will bring great benefits, and you will be one step closer to your goal of developing beautiful and relief hands.

If you want to exercise this exercise to pump the rear muscle bundles, then it will need to be performed in a forward tilt.

We work on the biceps

Training biceps should be diverse. In addition, to use two beams (heads) of this muscle group, you need to remember to load the brachialis, which is located under the biceps. It is during the training of this muscle that the height of the biceps will increase.

There are several basic exercises for the biceps. Just note that although pull-ups and reverse grip are such, they are difficult to fully use in pumping your hands. This is due to the fact that, in addition to the biceps, the back tightens too, and it takes a lot of energy. Often, this fact prevents you from concentrating fully and put all the energy only on training your hands.



exercises for the biceps


Bending of hands with a bar standing (lifting on biceps)

This exercise, perhaps, saw everyone who at least once looked into the gym – this is his popularity. Some, because of the physiological characteristics, use instead of a bar two dumbbells. This option also has a right to life and nothing worse. If there is no sports equipment, then we can come up with various burdens. For example, a bag of sand, a cast-iron pipe, etc.

To perform, stand flat, bend your knees slightly, take the bar with a back grip. The width of the grip may be different, choose the option that best suits you. In the lower and upper points of execution do not relax your hands, keep them in suspense. Four approaches 8-12 times is enough.

We grow triceps

Contrary to popular belief, it is more likely to make the arms faster than the triceps, not the biceps. They consist of three bundles, the development of which will significantly increase your hands.

Push-ups on the uneven bars

This is one of the best exercises that is considered basic for the development of the extensor muscles. In this case, it is better to take the grip narrow (shoulder width or slightly narrower). Even when you work only with your own weight, your hands get a good load, which not everyone can.

In order for the load to be concentrated almost exclusively on the triceps, it is necessary to perform the exercise with an even back, pulling the legs back.If you are able to make more than 4 approaches 20 times with a minute rest, then you can safely start adding weights, for example, doing push-ups, tying something heavy (a five-liter eggplant with water, a bag of sand, etc.) to yourself.




There are also cases when in the yard and at home there are no bars, what should I do in this case? The emphasis can be taken on two chairs, which should be placed on the width of their shoulders. Just be sure to follow the balance that you do not fall on the floor with this design.

You can try a safer way. Place two chairs next to you – one behind you (put your hands in it, your fingers should look forward), the other in front, on which you lay your feet. Bend your arms in the elbows, try the latter pulls back, not on the sides. If it’s too easy to do the exercise, then on top of you can put a few books or other weighting. Do 4-5 such approaches 10-15 times in training.

Classic push-ups

The simplest thing you can think of is doing the usual push-ups from the floor. Their effectiveness should not be doubted, but you can not really build muscle mass with them. Nevertheless, to put your hands in order, to add them a sports form in the form of a relief – it is quite real.

You can slightly complicate your tasks and push yourself in the bar on your hands. If you have problems with balance, then you can rest your feet on the wall. In this way, it’s hard to do push-ups. The main thing that you need to remember, do not put your hands too wide, otherwise the load will move to the pectoral muscles. You need to put your hands a little narrower than the width of your shoulders.

Extension of the arm in the slope

In fact, many underestimate this exercise. Despite the fact that the approaches are performed with fairly small weights, the triceps very well strain. Instead of dumbbells, you can, again, use bottles of sand or water.

You need to find an emphasis. It can be a table, a back of a chair, etc. Roll your back, place your arms along the side of your body. Elbow tightly press against him and constantly monitor that he remained in place. Begin to bend and unbend the arm at the elbow, not swinging the body. You should perform all repetitions of the approach first with one hand, then the other.

In the upper position, you can fix the hand for 1-3 seconds to maximize the strain of all the muscle fibers of the triceps. Three or four approaches 10-15 times you should be enough to pour blood on the muscles and give them a boost to development.

Features of female training

These exercises can be used and the weak sex. In this case, do not take the heaviest dumbbells or ten-liter bottles with water.

In order to bring their hands in order and make them tight enough, they will be limited to weight-bearing weights of 3-5 kg.

The number of repetitions is better to increase to 20-25, and the pace is quite fast. In this case, rest should be given no more than 1 minute.

Watch your pulse closely, if you have not done sports before, since a high physical load can negatively affect your state of health.


  • Replace dumbbells and the barbell at home can be handy tools: plastic bottles with sand or water, cast iron products, bags with cargo, etc. With this equipment, you can put your hands in order, adding strength and volume.
  • Use the exercises listed in the article, since they are basic and work 100% in almost all cases. Do not forget about the regularity of training, as one or two classes, if all of them end, can not make your hands massive and strong.
  • The results do not come quickly. This will take at least three months of intensive training. But to accelerate the growth of muscles can be the reception of protein cocktails, proper nutrition  (less carbohydrates, more protein) and, if desired, other sports nutrition.