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Quickly lose weight at home

The problem of excess weight is very urgent, so many want to learn how to lose weight at home quickly and easily. Methods, diets and methods of combating obesity are many, but only a few are effective. It is necessary to test the effectiveness of the methods by yourself. Even if some method allows achieving a certain result, it is not possible to consolidate it to some extent.

With what it is better to begin?

Every girl wants to look slim and beautiful, but to lead a healthy and athletic way of life can not be achieved only by a few.

Even if you are not fond of dancing or aerobics, do not attend the gym, you can have a slim and fit figure. To do this, you need to spend 20-30 minutes a day doing sports.

You need to take care of your body and it will please you with good health, as well as an excellent appearance.

Here you will find a practical set of exercises that will help you lose weight at home without exercisers. Knowing them, you can create your own individual training schedule.

Before you start training, you must conduct a warm-up. It will help you warm up your muscles and joints, and also protect you from injuries and injuries.

It should be started from the top down, gradually shifting from warming the neck, shoulders and hands to the waist, buttocks, hips, knees and feet.


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If you do not know how to warm up – it does not matter. Start to perform circular movements with each joint. First, one way, then the other. Work in this way all parts of the body.

Then it is necessary to warm up properly. To do this, rub your palms thoroughly until they become hot. After that, warm up their face, neck, ears, nose. Further, with warm hands rub the whole body from head to toe.

Warm-up for hands and shoulders

Shoulders rotate forward and backward. You can rotate the shoulders in turn, and you can – simultaneously. The hands remain straight, the brushes are assembled as if they are on a support (for example, if you rely on a table or machine) – so the muscles of the hands will work more efficiently. Rotate the elbows in opposite directions. Next, rotate the hands, clenched into fists.

Warm-up for the back

Be level. Begin to turn left and right. Performing turns, part of the torso, which is below the belt, and also your legs should stay in one place and do not move.

During twisting,  the neck muscles  should not strain. Look always straight in whatever direction you turn. Do so 20-30 turns.

The next exercise, we will embarrass the lower back, including the lower back. Rise steadily. Start rotating the body around its axis in a circular motion to the left. Do this 10 times and start repeating in the opposite direction.


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From the outside, this should resemble the movement of the boxer in the ring, who shies away from the opponent’s blows. As in the previous exercise, your hips and legs should stay in place.

Warm-up for feet

The feet are warmed up like this: put the toe on the floor and rotate the foot in different directions. Stand on the toes of both feet, rise and fall, not leaning on the heels. Do it several times.

To complicate the task and make the workout more effective, climb on your toes as high as possible and crouch with your legs bent, without bending your back.

Training program

We bring the buttocks into a tone

  • Squats in static. For the first exercise, place your legs wider than your shoulders. While standing, bend them at the knee joints. The angle should be such that you can put a cup on your foot and not be afraid that it will fall (ie, an angle of about 90 degrees). Quit and be in such a rack as long as possible.
  • Ordinary squats. This is the best exercise for finding a harmonious priory with tightened buttocks. Squats are best performed in several approaches 20-50 times.
  • Jumping out. Squat down. Sharply jump up and return to the starting position. You need to jump as high as possible. Twenty such repetitions will suffice.

We make the legs slender

  1. Mixing and breeding legs. Lay your back on the floor and, putting your hands under your buttocks, raise your straight legs up. Reduce and dilute your raised legs to the sides. Repeat this exercise ten times.
  2. Squats from the counter on his knees.  Pull your hands forward, kneeling. Now sit alternately on each of the buttocks, deflecting the body to the side. Exercise fast, so as not to lose balance.
  3. Sumo squats. In the standing position, placing your feet on the width of the shoulders, unfold your feet and knees outwards. Slowly squat to feel the muscles of both hips. Linger in the semicircle as long as possible. Then try to smoothly return to the starting position.
  4. Makhi feet. Lie on one side and bend the lower leg in the knee, take it forward. With a straight upper leg, make the ascent upwards with a large amplitude, trying to move as slowly as possible. Then turn over on the other side and repeat with the other foot. This exercise will help to adjust and pump the shape of the inner thighs.

Create a flat tummy

  • Twisting. Lying on your back, put your hands behind your head, and keep your legs straight. Raise the body, touching the knees with the chest. Slowly return to the starting position, trying not to squeeze the neck. To simplify the exercise (if this is not possible for you), do small lifts: the main thing is to tear the blades off the floor.
  • Twisting with a turn. Lie on your back, bend your knees, and put your hands behind your head. Now, try to twist so that you touch the knee of the opposite leg with your elbow.
  • Raising the legs. Do not get out of the starting position of the previous exercises. Raise straight legs to an angle of 45 degrees and try to hold them longer in a raised position. Repeat this exercise 8-10 times. In this position, you can shake your feet up and down with a small amplitude or perform a “scissors”.
  • Complicated variant of raising legs. Lying on your back, stretch your arms out to the sides and slowly raise your straight legs to the perpendicular position to the floor. Lower your legs too very slowly – so the load on the muscles of the press will be greater. Try also to swing your legs from side to side and return them to the perpendicular position. Exercise well removes the abdomen and sides.

Strengthen the back and make it graceful

№1. For the first exercise, lie on your back with your arms outstretched. Bend your knees. Then rhythmically raise the pelvis as high as possible and lower it, trying to stay in the raised position for as long as you can.

To complicate the exercise, one of the legs standing on the floor can be lifted up or put on the knee of the other leg. This will help you strengthen your back and pump up your abdominal muscles.

№2. From the same position, raise your arms straight up, then lift up your straight legs. Do this so that the hips come off the floor. Slowly lower your legs.

Now stretch out after the raised hands, trying to tear off the upper part of the case from the floor. Observing this order, try to repeat the exercise several times.

No. 3. Lie on your stomach. At the same time, try to tear your hands and feet off the floor. Do this 30-40 times.


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Pull your arms up

  • Pushups. Take the emphasis lying. But, unlike the men’s rack, put your knees on the floor. Try to squash off the floor 10 times.
  • Push-ups from the bench. For the next exercise, you will need a chair or a sofa edge. Stand with your back to him and put your hands on it. Legs need to be straightened and relaxed. Begin to bend your arms in the elbow joints. At the lowest point you should almost reach the booty to the floor. Then straighten your hands completely. Repeat 10-15 times.
  • Static exercise. Stand up straight, hands extend in front of you parallel to the floor. Try to keep them in this position for as long as possible.

Accelerate the results of proper nutrition

Proper nutrition – not less important component of the process of losing weight than physical activity. Depending on what and in what volumes you eat, your result depends, so if you want the reflection in the mirror to start to please you, you must adhere to the following principles.

Observe calorie deficit

Calculate how many calories per day you need for weight loss, you can use the formula:

(655+ (height, cm * 1.8) + (weight, kg * 9.6) – (age * 4.7)) * activity coefficient

This ratio is:

  • 1.2 for a non-training person
  • 1,38 – from 1 to 3 sports a week
  • 1,55 – from 3 to 5 sessions
  • 1,73 – more than 5 trainings

For weight loss from the resulting figure, you subtract 400-500.

Example: height 167 cm, weight 55 kg, age 25 years, activity coefficient 1.55.

(655 + 167 * 1.8 + 55 * 9.6-25 * 4.7) * 1.55

Subtract 500, and it turns out that for safe weight loss with such inputs, you need to consume 1617 calories per day. Naturally, you can not calculate everything up to a calorie, but still try to keep an accurate count.

Observe the norms of BJU

Proteins should account for 30-40% of total caloric intake, fats – 15-20%, and carbohydrates – 30-40%. Food containing mainly carbohydrates, try to eat in the morning or at lunch. In the evening, give preference to protein foods.

To foods with high protein content include:

  • Eggs
  • Chicken, lean meat
  • A fish
  • Cottage cheese
  • Almond
  • Soy products (eg soy meat, tofu cheese).

Give up the “bad” food

If you want to lose weight, you will have to give up sweet, fast food, sweet sodas and packaged juices, mayonnaise, fatty and fried. Despite the fact that everyone knows this, very few people conscientiously follow this principle and as a result continue to carry on themselves hated kilograms.

By the way, almost all harmful there is an alternative. So, in the tea you can add a substitute instead of sugar, and a salad dressed with Greek yogurt will be no less tasty than a salad with mayonnaise.


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Eat 5-6 times a day in small portions

Rare food leads to a slowdown in metabolism, so in order to speed up metabolism, you need to eat often, without exceeding your daily calorie rate.

Do not get carried away with mono-dies

The consequences of mono-diet can be the most negative. In the best case, it is a decrease in the metabolic rate and a return to former (if not large) volumes after the end of the diet.


  1. Remember that losing weight = regular exercise + proper nutrition. Do not neglect either one or the other. Of course, you can lose weight only with the help of a diet, but as a result, this will lead to a significant slowing of metabolism.
  2. Allocate time that you will devote every day exclusively to home training. Do not delay and do not transfer them under any circumstances – the result is impossible without regularity.
  3. Set realistic goals and do not wait for results from the “7 kg per week” series.
  4. Remember your motivation and do not let others knock you off the “true path”. Do not listen to the persuasion of “caring” girlfriends, who assure that there will be nothing from the chocolate or cookies.
  5. Photograph more often and, if you honestly worked on yourself, after a while you will happily begin to notice the changes.