What muscles swing during push-ups?


Push-ups from the floor – this is an incredibly effective exercise. It is aimed at developing strength, because during the execution of such an exercise you need to raise and lower your body with the help of hands. The body itself is in a horizontal position face down. Such an exercise is simple, but universal and very effective. If you have a question, whether it is possible to be pumped up by push-ups, then we answer to you: “You can!”

What muscles work during push-ups?

If you are interested in what muscles are rocking when pushing, here’s the complete list:

  • The triceps brachii muscle, or triceps. They train during the straightening of the hands. If you perform push-ups with a narrow grip, then this muscle will develop much faster.
  • Large pectoral muscles. This group of muscles is responsible for the rotation of the humerus, its withdrawal and reduction.
  • Deltoid muscles. With their help a contour and volume of shoulders are formed. Although push-ups are not a special exercise for the delta, but because they work absolutely with all the movements of the hands, push-ups give a significant development.
  • Two-headed muscles, or biceps. As such, there is no development during push-ups, but the overall strength and endurance increase.
  • The anterior cog muscles are located in the lateral part of the chest on the upper ribs. During push-ups with a wide grip they develop very well.
  • Large gluteal muscles also develop. Buttocks are inflated and firm.
  • Muscles of the abdominal press also receive a static load during push-ups.

The use of push-ups from the floor

The benefits of push-ups are huge. It is expressed not only in the impact on the muscles, but also strengthens the entire body as a whole.


An important factor is the household factor. You do not have to go to the gym or to the stadium to work out. You can easily make all the exercises at home.


To do this, you do not need to buy any expensive equipment, not special clothes.

Thanks to push-ups, the strength and stamina of the muscles of the upper body increases. Increases muscle mass, bones are strengthened – resulting in improved metabolism. Because of it, overall physical health improves.

It is incredibly important to constantly monitor the condition of your muscle mass, especially after 30 years. It is after this age that every year a person loses about 2% of muscle mass, which is replaced by fat. That is, by the age of 55-60, a person loses half of his muscle mass, and this has a negative impact on health: leads to the development of atherosclerosis, reduces physical activity and increases injuries.


push-ups from the floor


Push-ups on the biceps from the floor

As already mentioned, the biceps is the brachial biceps muscle that is in front of the shoulder. We are sure, almost everyone understands what a muscle is. Many people have the wrong opinion that muscle mass increases with this muscle. Remember, this is far from the case. You will never get to pump the biceps if your other muscles are undeveloped. The size of the biceps directly depends on the total muscle mass.


If the person is thin, then he will never get to pump the biceps, even if he constantly presses.


Only when he gains the right weight, you can talk about the biceps.

How to pump the biceps with push-ups?

To develop this muscle, it is best to use special push-ups for the biceps. Also help to increase biceps muscles by pulling on the bar. This is quite an ordinary exercise, it’s better to go directly to push-ups.

Ways to do push-ups

For this exercise, we do not need anything except sex. So, the palms should be bent into fists, so that the fingers are directed towards the legs. You can perform such an exercise with dumbbells: then your weight will go not to the floor, but to dumbbells. The most important thing is to put your hands correctly. We put them wide, but so that they are on the same line with the feet. After that, we perform 10 push-ups in 3 sets.

If you systematically perform this exercise, the question “how to pump the biceps with push-ups” you will disappear.

Push-ups on the shoulders

To load the anterior deltoid muscle, you need to perform push-ups from the floor in the supine position. It does not matter how you do it, because the front beams of such muscles will still be used, but the rear and middle ones will not be loaded. But if you need to pump these particular muscle groups, then you need to use an extra load. You can take anything. We can offer you a backpack with some books. Also sold individual vests weighting agents, which will be an excellent option for you.

If you need to pump up your shoulders, nothing more than push-ups will help you. They are of two types:

  • In the rack on his hands without support.
  • In the rack on the hands near the wall.

Thanks to these exercises, you will get a good boost on your shoulders. You can also improve the push-ups for the shoulders in the rack with the bars – put your hands in parallel.

We hope you understand how to pump up your hands with push-ups. Push-ups in the rack – it’s a good replacement for the bar press. Without visiting the hall, you will be able to pump your shoulders no worse.

It is necessary to allocate one more moment.


If you push yourself against the wall, the load is evenly distributed to all the bundles. The more your body will be perpendicular to the floor, the greater the load biceps muscles.


If you compare push-ups with press, then push-ups without support – this is a bench press, and at the wall – a press of dumbbells.

If you can not perform push-ups in the rack, then you can help push-ups from the floor:

  • Take a horizontal position.
  • Raise the pelvis higher.
  • Arrange your legs so that they are closer to your hands, but do not bend them in your lap.
  • Now wring out!

Did you feel the strain on your shoulders? This way of push-ups loads not only the front, but also the middle and rear ones. With such exercises it is best to start, because then you can go to more difficult exercises.


benefits of push-ups


Push-ups on weight

Undoubtedly, absolutely every person wants to have a beautiful and fit figure. Of course, this requires constant and systematic physical activity. At home, all your muscles can be pumped up by push-ups. This program is suitable for professional athletes, and helps newcomers to gain muscle mass.

There is an erroneous opinion: “the more you squeeze, the better.” Believe it is far from the case. Not only that, so you do not add a bit of muscle mass, so, on the contrary, it will decrease. The only plus – increase the strength of the hands and their endurance, there is a relief. After 15 push-ups, the muscles begin to decrease in size. The best way to work on this scheme: 4 approaches 12 times. Over time, it becomes very easy for you to carry out such a task, and then you can either increase the number of approaches, or complicate the implementation: push one arm or with a load on the back.

During normal push-ups, a part of the dorsal muscles, backs, triceps and all the muscles of the chest work the most. The load for the pectoral muscles will be higher if the arms are slightly wider than usual. If they are placed even wider, the load will go to the triceps. In order for your wrists to be strong, you should press on your fingers or fists. Of course, the load goes to other muscles, but much less.


Remember that you will have to increase the load over time, as the body very quickly gets used to such a rhythm and does not add any benefit.


It is best to begin with the simplest exercises: push-ups on your knees or with a palm rest. After you easily carry out 4 approaches 12 times, you can proceed to something more complicated. Try to do push-ups with a load on the top of your back or on your belt. You can also increase it gradually, or try to press one hand. It is very important to stretch the ligament well before such an exercise, as it is very easy to damage them. We advise you to train 3 times a week for 4 sets of 12 exercises, and after increasing the load.

Push-ups for triceps

To pump the triceps, it is best to perform push-ups from the floor with a narrow stop. They give a high load to the deltoids, the chest and some muscles to the back. It is these exercises in some gyms that are replaced by bench press with a narrow grip, straight triceps exercises or push-ups on the bars. Of course. Such exercises are more effective, but if you want to study at home, then there is nothing better than push-ups with a narrow emphasis. It is one of the most effective stimulators of triceps, when there is no opportunity to deal with dumbbells and a barbell. This exercise forces the blood to enter the triceps, which provides a feeling of muscle pumping.


push-ups for triceps


How to perform push-ups with a narrow stop to pump the triceps?

  • Take the horizontal position face down. The feet should be close to each other. If you want to increase the load on the triceps, put your feet above shoulder level: on a table or stool.
  • Put your palms very close. It is best that the thumb and forefinger of the two hands form a heart shape. Put the other fingers very widely, so you give yourself stability.
  • It is best to start when the arms are bent and you lie on them. The body lies like a straight line, the load must be distributed between the arms and legs.
  • You need to press quickly, somewhere in 1 second. You must completely straighten your hands.
  • It is not necessary to linger on straightened hands, this extra rest we do not need. From the straightened position, slowly go down. It is very important that the elbows “stand” straight and look back.
  • Do everything quickly, without slowing down. As soon as your chest touches your hands, repeat the exercise immediately. Pour this approach into 30 exercises, then you can take a break for 20-30 seconds, and then go back to the exercises.


The wider you put your hands, the more activated the fibers of the clavicle of large pectoral muscles, but the load on the triceps decreases. If you put your hands still, then the load on the triceps and the muscles that are adjacent to the chest will be incredibly large.


How to pump up your backs with push-ups?

During push-ups, it is very important to make sure that the back is as flat as possible. If your body does not resemble a straight line, then the load on the back and gluteal muscles will be minimal, and you will not get the desired result. Also, due to an incorrect position, you can cause severe pain in the lumbar region. Taz – the main key to maintaining posture during exercise. If it’s even more accurate, then the hips. The waist should be as straight as possible, and the belly drawn – this position is the most safe and effective.

Push-ups that must pump the back should be done regularly. Only then can you expect the result. If during the push-ups you have a feeling that the back is tilted forward, then straighten it and draw the belly as deep as possible. The more direct your back is, the faster the result will be.

To pump up your back, perform the first 3 weeks of exercise called a “bar”. The first week we do 2 approaches 10 times, with the fact that we need to hold for 5 seconds. In the second week we make 4 sets of 10 exercises, but we stay in this position for 15 seconds. The third week involves 6 approaches 10 times, but each “bar” should be performed within 30 seconds. From 4 to 6 weeks, you also need to keep this position for 30 seconds, but the main load is given to the “knuckles.” For 6 weeks push-up should be done very slowly, maintaining a straight posture. The time of descent to the floor is 2-3 seconds, in the lower position it is necessary to stay for 5-7 seconds, then repeat the exercise. For one approach, you need to do 10 exercises.


Summing up all the above, one can say that push-ups from the floor are far from becoming obsolete atavism from school physical education lessons, but a whole complex of various functional exercises that allows you to effectively work the muscles of the upper body, develop strength and endurance. Train with pleasure and the results will not be long in coming!